What is E Cig Liquid?

Electronic Cigarettes, or e-cigs as they are commonly called, are part of a new trend that has been taking over the smoking market as of late. The new hobby, called vaping, is popular amongst new smokers, as well as those who have been smoking cigarettes their whole lives. E-cigs have even been used to help people quit smoking. So what goes into creating this smoking experience? The composition of an e-cig is actually quite simple. It involves a disposable or rechargeable electronic piece of hardware that looks like a cigarette, batteries, and e-liquid. It seems simple enough, but many people are unaware of what goes into the mysterious e-cig liquid. So the question that remains on many electronic cigarette smokers’ minds is, what is e-cig liquid? This question has been asked many times on web forums many times on websites like Quit Smoking Community. You’ll find links to e-liquid as well as the best electronic cigarettes and their rankings here. Are you just interested in how e-liquid gets turned into vapor in an e-cig? Take a look at HowStuffWorks’ breakdown on this page.
E-cig liquid, otherwise known as e-liquid, is essentially what makes e-cigs work. E-cig liquid is what creates the vapor that smokers inhale from e-cigs, while at the same time providing smokers with nicotine, and even flavors. It turns out that the mysterious e-liquid is not so mystical after all, and the composition of e-liquid is actually quite simple. E-liquid is a mixture of a solution that has been created to provide smokers with that traditional “smoke” feeling.
The most important ingredient in e-cig liquid is nicotine. Nicotine is the chemical in cigarettes that give them their addictive nature. Depending on the cartridge or e-cig you have chosen, the amount of nicotine inside can vary.
One of the great draws of e-cigs is their ability to change flavor. A mixture of natural and artificial flavors is added to e-liquid cartridge to give e-cigs their natural, or not so natural flavor options.
In addition to nicotine and flavoring, dilutants are added to thin the mixture. By creating a more fluid mixture, dilutants are what turn the nicotine mixture into a vapor, allowing smokers to inhale it like real smoke.
In short, the mystery of e-cig liquid can be solved in three easy steps: nicotine, flavoring, and chemicals. So next time you are puffing on a new flavor of e-liquid, remember that it’s not as complicated as you may have once thought.